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Electronic Register TE550

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Product Applications:
- Avio
- General Industrial
- Marina
- Other Mobile Applications
- Terminal & Bulk Plant
- Truck

The TE550 Electronic Register is the latest state of the art, fully programmable electronic register capable to drive any meter giving a pulse signal, either for direct ore remote mounting, especially designed for both terminal and truck.
TE550 is a freely programmable, flexible, powerful and intelligent loading system, designed to match the requirements of loading systems in petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industry.
TE550 is designed to comply with international metrology approvals, especially with the OIML R117 standards, European ATEX Ex-d [ia]IIB T4 approval for hazardous areas and Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).
TE550 includes all the flow measurements and controls functions expected in the most advanced loading systems.

A modular and flexible design, with a wide range of available options, makes the TE550 Electronic Register the ideal solution in applications like:
- petroleum and tankers loading
- LPG bobtail loading
- rail tankers loading
- chemical loading
- asphalt & bitumen loading
- aviation refueller truck loading
- blending controller
- custody transfer
- drum refilling

- Clear message are displayed to drive the operator
- Events memorization (over 1500 events)
- Self-diagnostic mode simplifies the set-up and commissioning and helps easy identification of common faults; with this feature each function can be individually tested to ensure that wiring and interface is correct prior to running a complete load
- Pump control with programmable delays
- Input control for overfill, grounding device and emergency stop
- Auxiliary pulse output
- Additive control outputs

For further information on both versions (terminal and truck), please see the datasheets below.


Graphic display

112x62 mm (5"), backlit dot matrix LCD


Flameproof polyester, 16 keys. Weight & Measures sealable, both mechanically and electronically with internal switch and multi-level password protection

Volume display

- Selected volume display

- Volume decimals display 0,01 or 0,1 or 1

- Accumulated total gross and net

- Flow rate and temperature


- Communications mode in RS232/RS422/RS485

- Baud rate 1200 to 115200

- Parity odd, even or none

- Stop bits 1 or 2

- Load scheduling enable/disable

Power requirements

24 Vdc, 110V or 220V ac (+10%-15%, 50/60 Hz)

Operating ambient temperature

-25°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F)


- Pulse type, single or dual

- Temperature compensation: none, diesel, gasoline, aviation fuels, crude oils

- Fluid temperature range -25°C to 60°C (-13°F to 140°F)

- Additive output pulse; overrun correction

- Accumulated totals o to 99.999.999


- Open collector pulse output

- Pump off delay

Other features

TE550 is capable to control digital or two stage or on/off valves.

Preset function with freely programmable quantity.

The no flow timeout feature is available to automatically terminate loading operation in case of an automatically or manually stopped system.

Drives the operator displaying clear messages like initial message to start operation, alarm or fault messages, asks for input load, compartment or trip numbers.

Is able to control other devices like grounding device, overfill monitors, automatically enabling/disabling the operation.

(ENG) - TE550 Electronic Register (Terminal) data sheet English DOWNLOAD
(FRA) - TE550 Electronic Register (Terminal) data sheet French DOWNLOAD
(ITA) - TE550 Electronic Register (Terminal) data sheet Italian DOWNLOAD
(ENG) - TE550 Electronic Register (Truck) data sheet English DOWNLOAD
(FRA) - TE550 Electronic Register (Truck) data sheet French DOWNLOAD
(ITA) - TE550 Electronic Register (Truck) data sheet Italian DOWNLOAD