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Drums Refuellers

Category: Pumps & Pump/Metering Sets
Product Applications:
- General Industrial

SAMPI produces 4-wheeled drums refuellers for solvents and industrial fluids, with fully automatic repeatable and variable preset of the quantity to be delivered thanks to the electronic register management of the outlet valve.


- Max flow rate 200 l/min (53 GPM)
- Electronic register
- RVP20 Pump
- SM7C6 meter for general solvents
- Pneumatic 980 SAMPI nozzle
- Gearbox
- 4 poles motor EEx-d - ATEX 2HP
- Trolley with 4 wheels containing all the equipment above
- Mt. 10 Celloflex hose 14.100 GGR D.40 complete with couplings (outlet)
- Mt. 5 Celloflex hose 14.100 GGR D.50 complete with couplings (inlet)

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