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Electropump units are designed to handle non-aggressive chemical and petrochemical fluids and to be installed in classified areas (with explosion or fire hazard), unless the customer requests special constructions for specific uses. The equipment essentially consists of the following components:
- Positive displacement rotary vane pump with mechanical seal and built-in adjustable by-pass valve (this valve is designed to release excess flow rate generated by the pump)
- Electric motor sized according to the specific equipment use
- Reduction unit or belts and pulleys
- Safety casing
- Support base

The electric motor coupling is available in the following two versions, according to the unit type:
- with antistatic trapezoidal belts and cast iron pulleys with variable diameter according to the capacity required;
- with parallel axis reduction unit and gears casehardened in oil bath; the reduction unit is coupled to the pump by elastic precision joints exhibiting suitable features based on the torque and on the installed motor power.


Belt & Pulleys


Cheap and compact version, suitable for light applications with low power and low torque at pump shaft

Suitable for high torque values at pump shaft, very low speed

Normally used with low viscosity products

Recommended for heavy duty applications and with medium-high viscosity products

- Motor power from 1 to 30 HP (0,75 to 22 kW); TEFC (IP55) or explosion proof (ATEX) (on request, available with voltage/frequency)
- Flow rate from 100 to 1000 l/min (26 to 264 GPM)

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