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SAMPI Positive Displacement Flow Meters (SM-Series)

Category: Positive Displacement Meters
Product Applications:
- Avio
- General Industrial
- Marina
- Other Mobile Applications
- Terminal & Bulk Plant
- Truck

 SAMPI meters are known worldwide for exceptional accuracy, reliability and longevity in a broad range of applications. Meters provide exceptionally accurate service when using unique positive displacement metering principle, even under variable operating conditions.

The SAMPI PD meter consists of a housing in which two vanes and a rotor turn in synchronized relationship within three cylindrical bores with no metal-to-metal contact within the meter element.


Main SAMPI meters features are:
- High accuracy and repeatability
- Low Maintenance cost
- Low pressure loss
- Self-contained operation without electrical power
- Available with traditional mechanical seals or with glandless magnetic driven pulse output device
- Weights & Measures approval (world-wide) for custody transfer with mechanical or electronic registration system meeting API standards
- Electronic accessories designed and approved to ATEX 94/9 normative
- MID compliant
- PED compliant

Typical products measured are: adhesives, agricultural chemicals, asphalt, animal feeds, aviation, beverages, concrete add mixtures, cosmetics, crude oil, dairy products, fuel, fuel oil, industrial chemicals, liquid fertilizers, liquefied gasses, lube oils, pharmaceutical chemicals, paints and varnishes, printing ink, processed foods, refined petroleum products, and so on.


Sizes: 1" 1/2 up to 4"

Flow Rates: 19 l/min up to 3780 l/min (5 GPM up to 1000 GPM)

End Connections: ANSI Flanged, NPT, BSPT, Slip Weld

Pressure Ratings:
- Cast Case: 10 & 25 bar (150 & 350 PSI) non-shock working pressure
- Two Case Steel Case: 10/10, 10/21, 20/20, 20/50 bar (150/150, 150/275, 300/300, 300/720 PSI); 40/100 bar (600/1440 PSI) ANSI non-shock working pressure

Material of Construction:
- Meter Body, Rotor and Vanes: Aluminium, Hard Anodized Aluminium, Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel
- Seals: Buna "N", Viton®, Teflon®

Accuracy (Mechanical Registration):
- Capable of ±0.125% over a 5:1 range
- Capable of ±0.22% over a 10:1 range
- Capable of ±0.5% over a 40:1 range

Repeatability (Mechanical Registration):
- 0.05% (±0.025%) of reading over entire range





1"1/2 or 2"

227 l/min (60 GPM)


2" or 1"1/2

500 l/min (132 GPM)


2" or 1"1/2

380 l/min (100 GPM)


3" or 2"

1000 l/min (265 GPM)


4" or 3"

1700 l/min (450 GPM)

SM50G Gravity Meter


1300 l/min (343 GPM)


Is also available a Gravity Meter System for discharge control for stationary installation (for further informations please see the data sheet below).

(ENG) - SM5 data sheet English DOWNLOAD
(FRA) - SM5 data sheet French DOWNLOAD
(ITA) - SM5 data sheet Italian DOWNLOAD
(ENG) - SM7 data sheet English DOWNLOAD
(FRA) - SM7 data sheet French DOWNLOAD
(ITA) - SM7 data sheet Italian DOWNLOAD
(ENG) - SM15 data sheet English DOWNLOAD
(FRA) - SM15 data sheet French DOWNLOAD
(ITA) - SM15 data sheet Italian DOWNLOAD
(ENG) - SM30 data sheet English DOWNLOAD
(FRA) - SM30 data sheet French DOWNLOAD
(ITA) - SM30 data sheet Italian DOWNLOAD
(ENG) - SM50G data sheet English DOWNLOAD
(FRA) - SM50G data sheet French DOWNLOAD
(ITA) - SM50G data sheet Italian DOWNLOAD
(ENG) - SMA7 data sheet English DOWNLOAD
(FRA) - SMA7 data sheet French DOWNLOAD
(ITA) - SMA7 data sheet Italian DOWNLOAD
(ENG) - Stationary Gravity Meter for Discharge Control data sheet English DOWNLOAD
(FRA) - Stationary Gravity Meter for Discharge Control data sheet French DOWNLOAD
(ITA) - Stationary Gravity Meter for Discharge Control data sheet Italian DOWNLOAD