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ISO 9001
The planning and construction of mechanical and electronic equipments of high technology is the result of a "culture of the quality" not sporadic nor occasional, but continuous and directed to create in the firm an organization that allows to the marketing, to the planning, to the production department the most economic levels to guarantee the full customer satisfaction.
Today, in fact, in a situation of more and more competitive market, to consolidate the own presence on the market it is necessary to give an increasing importance to the theme of quality in the relationship between customer and supplier.
Therefore for SAMPI, to satisfy the customer expectations is an objective of absolute priority as the end and the crowning of the job and the efforts of everybody.
The firm works continually and concretely to assist its own client for the attainment of their objectives, furnishing them with in time, practicable and effective solutions.
The web site allows a continuous communication, suitable and highly productive; today it is a fundamental part of the business job as the most effective and efficient mean to put in contact people and firms all over the world; it allows besides to listen and to act on the received information, to be always ready to solve the problems in an innovative way subsequently improving the standards of excellence of the firm.
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ISO 14001
SAMPI Spa is continually committed to protect and safeguard the environment for the benefit of today's and future generations.
To continually meet this commitment, SAMPI SpA adopts a System of Environmental Management, which is organized and structured to allow compliance with regulations, laws and other requirements that may apply to its activity.
Applies and follows the environmental policies established by IDEX CORPORATION.
In the event of change in the production process adopted, or a more general change in the activity of the company, implements appropriate verification procedures and controls to ensure that such changes do not adversely affect its goal of a constant reduction the impact of its activities on the environment.
Through the implementation of concrete and measurable goals and objectives, and through constant update of its production processes and facilities, commits to the ongoing improvement of its performance with regard to the reduction of environmental pollution and waste.
Commits to communicate to its workers and partners who work for and on behalf of SAMPI SpA, the content of this policy, and to make this policy publicly available.    English.
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