Product Applications


SAMPI’s new offices, inaugurated in 2004, are headquartered in the city of Altopascio in the heart of Tuscanny, a region in central Italy. In order to be closer to key Middle Eastern customers, a regional sales office was opened in Amman Jordan in January 2009 and in Dubai, UAE in January 2010. For over 60 years, thanks to an aggressive and dynamic management, the company became an international leader known for its products which provide a high standard of quality, safety and reliability.
The Company went into business in 1937 in Lucca dealing with mineral oils and additives and enjoying a very fast growth with a wide distribution network. After World War 2 with the reconstruction plan of Italy, SAMPI increased its activity entering in the forecourt business. In the sixties, with the introduction of new regulations in the distribution of fuels, the management expanded its scope to include pumps and meters: first becoming distributor and then, with the fast growing demand, setting up a workshop to manufacture positive displacement flow meters. The Company quickly became a leader in the Italian market and in the eighties expanded its activity internationally especially in Europe and Africa.
Over the years SAMPI also diversified its product line by developing systems based on its core products and in the nineties introduced electronic products for terminal and tank truck automation.
Since January 2002 SAMPI joined the IDEX team of Companies. IDEX is a leader in the manufacture of a broad range of pump products, dispensing equipment and other engineered technologies. Maintaining a theme of leadership, IDEX delivers Innovation, Diversity and EXcellence to thousands of valued customers around the world.
Our main product lines include:
• Positive Displacement flow-meters for petroleum and chemical liquids, systems including high speed dispensers for many applications such as marinas, military vehicles, small aircraft, trains.
• High Speed Dispensers for marinas, military vehicles, trains, aircraft.
• Tank Trucks Metering Systems with electronic registers.
• Terminal automation systems.
• Engineered Solutions such as pumping and metering systems, loading/unloading racks, chemical injection/dosing skids, turnkey solutions.
Today SAMPI is proud to bring to the market high quality products with the most efficient performance. SAMPI is ISO9001 certified and has recently certified all its products according to the most recent PED Directive, implemented in May 2002 in the EEC stationary installations.
Within the Liquid Controls Group, SAMPI is covering the business in Europe, Middle East and Africa for the current business.
As specialist in Engineered Solutions and Packaged Systems, SAMPI is also leading the Liquid Controls Group offering their support and expertise worldwide to any other IDEX Company, participating directly or in joint venture.
Main Markets/Applications covered:
• Custody Transfer skids, Bottom or Top Loading skids, Unloading Skids, Additive and/or Chemical.
• Injection, Bulk Transfer, Terminal Systems and Automation for the Oil & Gas market.
• Fuel Unloading, Transfer, Loading, Additivation and Filtration systems for Military and Civil Aviation.
• Chemical dosing and Injection in Chemical and Petrochemical process plants.
• Fuel Treatment and Chemical dosing for Power Generation.
• Chemical dosing and additivation for Water & Waste Water.